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hey!     I'm Megan


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Previously worked as a Visual Presentation Specialist and assistant to the National Presentation Manager for the Hudson's Bay Co. luxury retailer 'The Room', Megan curated installations and events for the top leading designers and prospective clients in the fashion industry and media. It was during her role there and guidance from her mentor that she was able to adopt an appreciation for design, while learning how to marry her meticulous attention to detail with her unique creative flair that still transpires today throughout her work with desserts.    


"Yep I'm a sugar freak. I could say its in my blood, but its much more than that. I'm guilty of always eating with my eyes first. The more over the top the look, the better. I want it all; the bold colours, that glistening frosting with loads of toppings and the details just perfect. So needless to say, I can get a bit too involved with my bakes and that would be a true story. Everything that I have the pleasure of creating becomes a passionate love affair. I put all of my energy, probably too much if I'm being completely honest into each and every detail from the quality of ingredients that I source, to obsessing over the placement of each embellishment. 

Art can't be rushed, especially edible art. That's why I'm truly grateful that I find myself fortunate enough to have an amazing circle of friends and family that I can rely on and encourage my aspiration for being unapologetically me. Because of this, I am able do what I love and share that same love for design and my strong passion for desserts with you; the wonderful people that have made this little idea I used to just dream about, come to life."  

- megan xo 

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